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Service Upgrades

An electrical service upgrade strengthens your home’s electrical network so that it can safely handle your existing electrical load, or provide additional load, to accommodate added appliances, fixtures and computer hardware. If your older home has a 60-amp fuse or circuit breaker box, you should consider checking and perhaps, upgrading your service to at least 100 amps. Most service upgrades consist of removing old conduit, under rated wire, your meter housing and connections on the exterior of your home. We installed a new conduit, power panel. meter housing and new feeder wires. In some cases, a service upgrade may be needed for 200-amp and even 400-amp service, depending on your electrical load requirements. Typically, when renovating your home, it is a good time to call DRP Electrical Contracting to evaluate your existing service.

Panel Upgrades

When selling your home, a home inspector or appraiser will check your circuit breaker panel. In older homes, built in the 60’s and 70’s it was very common to have a Federal Pacific panel. These panels are hazardous and should be replaced to protect your family, whether or not you are selling your home. As with any electrical installation or repair, an electrical panel upgrade must be performed by a licensed and qualified electrician, and must comply with appropriate building codes and regulations.

Electrical Repairs & Installations

Do you have a switch that has never worked correctly? Or an outlet that is so old nothing stays plugged in? Call us to schedule an appointment today. Our technicians are well versed in all aspects of electrical repairs and are trained to fix your issue right the first time. DRP Electrical Contracting can repair any type of electrical problem in your home. No job is too small, including replacing or installing a new lighting fixture.

HVAC Control Wiring

All heating, air conditioning and exhaust systems require electrical power and control wiring of some sort. DRP Electrical Contracting wires furnaces, boilers. air handlers, humidifiers and ventilation systems. Most equipment will need either a disconnect box or emergency shut off switch, so that in the event of an emergency or during times where the equipment is being serviced, power can be cut to the units.

If you are a homeowner or an HVAC contractor looking for a reliable electrical contractor, look no further.



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