Sparky the Lightbulb Brings Bright Ideas for Green Energy

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint measures the amount of greenhouse gasses, such as methane and carbon dioxide, you use through your daily activities, including powering your home, commuting, and other aspects of living. Some may argue that reducing your carbon footprint is a must, and many city, state, and federal laws support this theory. There are ways to make more environmentally friendly choices to access the energy you need for day-to-day living. Sparky’s job, going forward, is to keep you informed to make wise and “bright” decisions for you, your family, and the planet.

Savings Through Solar Panels

In an effort to encourage the use of solar energy, there are financial incentives at both the state and city level in New York. In fact, 60% to 95% of any NYC solar panel projects are available for homes and businesses. The following rebates are offered for those who take advantage of these programs: 30% Federal + 25% State (max of $5,000.00) income tax rebates, 30% NYC real estate tax rebate, 5% at .20 per watt NYS Cash Grant, and 25% at .60 per watt Affordable Solar Incentive for low and moderate-income families.

Additional project costs are eligible for these rebates, such as roofing. Each project is unique and pencils differently once all considerations and financing options are considered. Many residents, in the end, are realizing a minimum of 25% to 100% electric monthly bill savings.

Electric Vehicle Chargers Bring Savings Benefits

EV car chargers are also eligible for an IRS tax rebate, known as the 30C tax credit. 30% of the total cost of a residential EV charger and installation costs up to $1,000.00 max. DRP’s $1,750.00 complete cost, including DOB permits & the 11.5 KW (48 amp) EV car charger program, is reduced to $1,225.00 after a $525.00 IRS rebate.

Con Edison’s Smart Charge NY participants can receive a $25 bonus after charging their smart car for three months + $35 per month for the Avoiding Summer Peak Incentive (defined as charging your EV on weekdays from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM between June 1st to September 30th). In fact, you can earn 10 cents per kWh for charging in off-peak hours (12 AM to 8 AM) all year long as part of the Off-Peak Charging Incentive.

Separately, metered services for EV charging only with the Time of Use electric bill plan can be as low as 2.8 cents per kWH. Clearly, there are many programs and incentives for you to choose between. For complete up-to-date information, check out Con Edison’s Electric Vehicle Charging Incentives page.

We Can Help You Benefit From Green Energy

As Sparky has pointed out, “Going Green” brings real savings to help your household budgets and has two meanings:

  1. Helping reduce Earth’s carbon footprint
  2. Putting more green cash in your pockets

At DRP Electrical Contracting, our experts can help you make more environmentally friendly choices while still benefiting from the energy you need to power your home and life.